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goes digital!

Europe's leading conference for students and indies Sweden Game Conference goes digital!


October 21-23, Sweden Game Arena invites students, startups and indies to the conference, with focus on business and students. Join us on interesting talks and panels, matchmaking, Pitch Your Game, digital expo and much more.


Registration opens by the end of September!

invites students!

Between 22–23 October, the focus is on computer game development students at the University of Skövde.


Sweden Game Arena invites students to ASSAR Industrial Innovation in Skövde to take part in interesting talks and panels linked to the students' program orientation. These can also be accessed digitally.


Registration opens by the end of September!


Build and strengthen your brand awareness by showcasing your projects to a global audience at our digital expo!


For those interested in joining the consumer market, the digital expo opens up on October 23 to the public.




Through the digital matchmaking platform MeetToMatch, game companies will meet important international investors, publishers and media on October 21-22. 


Pitch your game on October 21 to a panel of international publishers, investors and media within the games industry.


Your pitch will also be available to investors and publishers outside the panel.

Some of Last year's speakers
Lead Writer - Ubisoft Massive
Senior Level Designer - MachineGames
Lead UX Designer - BioWare
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