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Book your SGC19 meetings now! The CG Insider system is available - here is how to use it

The CG Insider meeting system available for all attendees of Sweden Game Conference is now online - here is how to use it!

The Sweden Game Conference 2019 meeting booking system, called GC Insider, is now open for all conference attendees. You can access this system and book your meetings in the following way:

1. Follow these steps to download Android: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/gc-insider-sgc-2019 or iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/uq6KFvOc

2. Sign-in with your gmail or e-mail.

3. Go to Profile & press the edit button to add your name, company, images etc.

4. Then go to Calendar, press the Redeem code button & submit: sgc2019

5. SGC gets added to your Calendar, together with the meeting schedule called: Business Area

6. Press Business Area to access your meeting schedule.

7. Press a time slot to book a meeting. Then select an attendee from the list. Send request.

8. Your meeting is confirmed when it turns purple & says e.g. “Table 1”.

9. To write a message, press the add button in Chat to select an attendee to chat with.

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