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Sweden Game Arena is happy to announce the theme of Sweden Game Conference 2019! Since this will be a very special event because we celebrate the 10th year anniversary, the theme we chose is Sustainability & Games.

“Far from being a burden, sustainable development is an exceptional opportunity – economically, to build markets and create jobs; socially, to bring people in from the margins; and politically, to give every man and woman a voice, and a choice, in deciding their own future.”–Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General

Today we often hear about the importance of sustainable development, particularly with technology. But what does this mean in terms of games? How do we balance the needs and demands of our current game markets and cultures to create a robust and dynamic future for all of our key ‘players’ across industry, education, politics, and society?

At Sweden Game Conference 2019, we will explore the topic of Sustainability and Games and consider many important questions:

  1. What opportunities do games offer developers to be future-oriented and to anticipate the needs and demands of emerging technologies and markets, both globally and locally?

  2. How might we design and develop games to include relevant themes for sustainability: environmental threats, climate change, inequality, peace and justice, globalization, radical political movements, social activism, poverty and hunger, immigration?

  3. As we consider the future, how might we be more inclusive in our game content, but also in our industries and educations? What must change now to secure the future of games? Who (and what) is at the margins of gaming, and how can we shift them to the center? Whom should we educate and how?

We are also very happy to announce our first speakers!

Jason Hayes is a multiple award-winning composer. Jason is well known for his long-standing relationship with Blizzard Entertainment, contributing music to their games set in the popular worlds of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. He was the lead composer of the original release of World of Warcraft, the most successful online game in the world.

Susana Meza Graham is an experienced games industry professional who spent the last 14 years growing companies and helping people develop their video games industry careers. She has extensive knowledge of branding, publishing, marketing & PR, most notably from Paradox Interactive where she held leadership positions from 2006 to 2018. She is currently an investor as well as an active board member in several game companies.

Ola Holmdahl’s career in the game industry started in 1995 making miniature wargames, and from there into the computer game industry in 1999. He has worked as a concept artist, game designer, producer and general manager across companies like DICE, Tarsier Studios and Massive Entertainment. The mission driving Ola’s work is to create great games in a sustainable way.

Hanna Fogelberg is the community manager/peasant handler at Landfall Games. Landfall is an indie studio based in Stockholm and the makers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Clustertruck and Stick Fight. After a couple of years working with community and communication for events, Hanna got recruited to the crazy world of games in 2016.


Like every year, we will have a booth in the heart of Slagthuset and we will be joined by games and game studios from our developer community in Skövde and Gothenburg. The Game Incubator is there to meet with game startups that are interested in joining our program as well as meeting established and new partners! Like every year, we are happy to meet industry experts who are interested in speaking at Sweden Game Conference 2019, as well as game developers who would like to showcase their games at the IndieCator!


Sweden Game Arena is a joint project between the University of Skövde, Skövde municipality, Science Park Skövde and The Game Incubator. Our HQ is in Skövde and we have a satellite office in Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. We are funded by Tillväxtverket, Region Västragötaland, Skövde municipality, Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund, Vinnova and EU. Visit swedengamearena.com and thegameincubator.se for more information.

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