Susana Meza Graham

Advisor & Investor in Games & Tech


The secrets to lasting leadership - two decades of experiences

The secrets to lasting leadership - two decades of experiences


Susana is an experienced games industry professional. As an early employee at Paradox Interactive she helped build the company from the ground up in various leadership positions including CMO and COO. She has since invested in games & tech and holds numerous board positions in listed and non-listed game companies. In addition to working with entrepreneurs, she's also an active speaker, advisor, mentor and supporter of the Swedish game community.

Susana has extensive experience of living and working abroad, including New York where she set up the Paradox US office and London where she worked with marketing & branding at Reckitt Benckiser.

These days, everyone is expected to be a leader, regardless of role and title. I'll share my observations on leadership and how you can become better at leading yourself and positively impact/influence those around you. I'll mainly draw from my experiences in the games industry but also share what I've learnt from working in other sectors. Expect concrete examples, tangible tips and some anecdotes collected over 20 years. My wish for you is that you'll leave with inspiration that helps you move along your path, whatever that path might be.