Gabriel Flamm

Cinematic Animator


From Then till Now

From Then till Now


I’m a gamer, dreamer, partner and a father of two children. I play games whenever I have time, I dream about the future and fun projects I want to realize, and I always keep the child within alive. To me life is all about seeing the opportunities available, for me and the ones around me. To sit back and observe others enjoying what I’ve been part of creating is a high and never can’t get enough of!

It all started at DSUG Skövde. I dreamt of the big studios and not sure how to get there, or what I wanted to be. But here I am now. How did I end up here? What choices did I make and what obstacles did I have to take on? How do I set up my goals and how can they change over the years? Let me tell you my story, a story I wished I heard back when I was a student.