Karoline Forsberg

Lead Designer

Star Stable Entertainment

Weekly releases - Break up with crunch and find new love through constraints and goals

Weekly releases - Break up with crunch and find new love through constraints and goals


Karoline Forsberg works as a Lead Designer at Star Stable Entertainment, the studio behind the big online horse adventure game – Star Stable Online. When she doesn’t work on the game, she makes fancy cocktails at home, for whoever comes and visits her! Besides fancy drinks, her guests will be expected to be judged by her two super social and friendly cats who doesn’t understand the word of “personal space”.

Face it, crunch isn’t romantic and it doesn’t by default make your game better! Crunch isn’t healthy in any way and it’s not something you want to introduce as a culture to your company. Why use crunch, when you can use constrains and clear goals to make a good game? A game that your audience will like. A game that you can be certain to release, without risk of running out of money halfway through the project.
During my 5 years working on the game Star Stable Online we have never failed to deliver a release to our players. What is worth to mention is that we have weekly releases, and we have been able to deliver those without crunch for the last couple of years.
In this talk, I want to share and give insight into how you can work and think when designing and creating content by using constraints and goals. How you can still create a good game for your audience without having to sacrifice your personal life, family and health in the name of crunch.
Main take away: How you as a game developer can use constraints and goals as tools to deliver good products without stress and crunch but still get it finished before the deadline!