Masatoshi Tokuoka

Game Journalist

Atelier THiRD

Maps, maps, everywhere!

Maps, maps, everywhere!


As a game reviewer and games media journalist Tokuoka-san contributed a lot to 4Gamer.net (one of the largest online PC games media in Japan) for almost 10 years. Also, he has been a column writer for Command Magazine Japanese Ed. (tabletop wargame magazine). As a game story writer, he participated in designing the main scenario for Re:volvers8 (SEGA/MyNet).

How to design a "better" map for your game. Maps (or a map) are necessary for your game even if your game is a hyper-casual puzzle game or a hyper crazy goatish game. I will show some basic designs of maps (like natural map, triangle, square, hex, area to area and so on) and pro/con of these designs. Best suitable for those who want to make a turn-based strategy game.