Natalia Martinsson

Co-Founder & Game Designer

Killmonday Games

Creating games to support emotional growth

Creating games to support emotional growth


Natalia started creating game in 2012 together with husband Isak Martinsson. Since then they have created a few free games and their two big games Fran Bow and Little Misfortune. Killmonday Games was born after a long search for creative freedom. Natalia has been a creator and director for about 15 years in other realms as theatre, music, film and animation. When the concept of indie game development knocked on the door, they couldn’t let go the opportunity and they started to experiment, knowing nothing about game development.

We are surrounded by noise, movement, happenings. We can’t control what’s beyond our hands and yet, we try to do so. We usually suffer when we don’t accept causes or let go off bad things that had happened. How can we do something about this without making it too obvious?

My approach on game design is to use the tool of play to enhance the skill of emotional intelligence.

We need a world where we can understand compassion for others and ourselves. Where empathy is celebrated. And through designing games that have strong characters, compelling and personal stories, I think we can create an environment where people can come out of their personal emotional bubble, which many times is the root of suffering, and make them realize that they are not alone.