Nathalie Verweij

UI/UX Designer

Coffee Stain Studios

Satisfactory: A Journey Through (Time...scratch that) a lot of tests

Satisfactory: A Journey Through (Time...scratch that) a lot of tests


Nathalie is one of the UI/UX Designers at Coffee Stain Studios. She was brought on-board in 2016 to take on the challenge of being Coffee Stains' first full-time UI/UX employee. Since then both the studio and its project have grown, and both are far from done growing. Nathalie will talk about the challenges of designing and creating UI and UX for a game like Satisfactory.

Since 2016 we've been working on this 'little' game best described as an open-world first-person factory building simulator. It's a game woven around the pillars 'Construct, Automate, Explore & Exploit.'. Designing an interface that felt fitting to this world was a challenge in itself. Satisfactory and its UI have gone through many iterations, different styles, and many tests. Nathalie is here to talk about the importance of this process, and the importance of designing with your community, while moving through Early Access.