Ola’s career in the game industry started in 1995 making miniature wargames, and from there into the computer game industry in 1999. He has worked as a concept artist, game designer, producer and general manager across companies like DICE, Tarsier Studios and Massive Entertainment. The mission driving Ola’s work is to create great games in a sustainable way.

Production Manager

Ola Holmdahl

Massive Entertainment

Sustainability in the Swedish Game Industry


Sustainability in the Swedish Game Industry

The Swedish game industry is a success story. Growth is very strong and the industry is profitable. Ten times as many people have careers in it compared to a decade ago, and Sweden is internationally famous for generous labor laws, good working conditions and positive work-life balance. Yet burnout among your people in Sweden is up 144%, and over half of all game companies in Sweden are less than 5 years old. How can companies – and people! – navigate this reality to stay in the game for the long haul? It is time to talk about how we play the long game.