Radu Ziemba

Managing Partner

Deadlime Games

Deadlime Stories: 100 Games Later

Deadlime Stories: 100 Games Later


Radu Ziemba has started Deadlime Games (Kappsule Studios) in 2015, with the aim to create outstanding games. Releasing over 100 small titles, he’s latest titles include: Battle Golf Online, Bloxorz Remastered, & Mad CEO. Radu's also involved as a teacher for young aspiring game developers in his hometown Bucharest

After releasing around 100 small games (Self-Published, Working with Publisher, Work For Hire) with my company Deadlime Studios (Rebranded, Ex Kappsule Studios), i compiled a list of things we did good and bad while growing our studio. This talk will cover most of my learnings:
1) What i’ve learned from our first “Big Fail” entitled ”2048 Battle”, a 2048 realtime multiplayer game on which we worked for about 6 months. The game was packed with features and it has been released without considering proper marketing, while the store had over 2000 similar games.
2) What we’ve compiled from working on games that have been featured globally by Apple. Working together with Colin Lane and releasing Battle Golf Online a realtime multiplayer golf game.
3) Self-publishing our game Mad CEO on Kongregate and working closely with our users by gathering live feedback via the chat system and implementing what they wanted. Getting the game from 3.3 to a 4.0 rating and hitting 1 million gameplays. Working together closely with publishers for the mobile version, what they offered and when we had to reconsider working with them and trying a new market and investment.
Finding succes with our first major title and how we realised we jumped a few stairs. Changing the team mentality from creating small games to a full 1-week schedule liveops game that we successfully grown in the past 1 year
5) Key takeaways from all our conference travels, all our team building efforts. All between the lines of creating the games.