Travel & Accomodation 

Sweden Game Conference takes place in game dev infested town of Skövde, in between Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Arena Skövde –  the Sweden Game Conference venue – is easily accessible from all locations. It is within walking distance from the city center, where most hotels are located, as well as from the central train & bus station.

Travel from Göteborg (Landvetter International Airport: GOT) takes about 1 hour by train. (~150km)
Travel from Stockholm (Arlanda International Airport: ARN)  takes about 2 hours by train. (~340 km)


There are a bunch of hotels within walking distance to the conference. 
Scandic Billingen
Clarion Collection Hotel Majoren
Quality Hotel Prisma

Hotel Skövde 


In October, the temperature typically ranges between 9°C and 3°C (48.2°F and 37.4°F) with an average rainfall of 3.26 in – 82.8 mm. You can get more information about the local weather on the The Weather Channel.


The Swedish currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). To get information about the exchange rate in effect you can visit Riksbanken’s website.


  • You can drink the tap water in Sweden

  • Tipping is not custom in Sweden, if you want to tip you can round up to add some extra, usually between 20-50 SEK depending on how much your tab is.

  • No tipping in cabs unless you pay with cash.

  • A lot of places in Sweden are cash free. 


Taxi companies
Billinge Taxi: 0500-43 55 55
Taxi Skövde : 0500-41 65 00

Public Transport

Busses are cash free! You pay with card, pre-paid tickets or app!

Information about busses here